6 September 2016

Study Visit of The Office For Foreigners In Switzerland

Examination of the work of centers for foreigners, exchanging experiences and acquisition of methods implementing applicable refugee procedures – were the main objectives of the Swiss Foreigners Office’s visit to Switzerland. The visit was organized under the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme.

The Polish delegation have previousy visited Switzerland in June 2015. At that time, the representatives of the OFF acquired knowledge about the Swiss system of receiving foreigners and medical care services, especially in reception centers.

During this year’s visit, emphasis was placed on the epidemiological protection measures undertaken in the medical research of foreigners in Switzerland. The Office for Foreigners delegation also got acquainted with the work of centers (both reception and residence) and the provision of benefits to foreigners staying outside the centers. Participants of the study visit were also familiarized with the practical implementation of the applicable procedures in Switzerland concerning the protection of foreigners.

Both visits were organized within the framework of the so-called epidemiological filter, which is co-financed by Switzerland (more about the investment find HERE). Study visits aimed at acquisition of Swiss solutions and possible use of best practices in Poland.