6 December 2016

Visit of The Swiss Delegation in Poland

The conference on epidemiological protection, meetings in Terespol, Biała Podlaska and Łuków – are the main points of the visit of the Swiss delegation in Poland. The study visit was organized by the Office for Foreigners within the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme.

The three-day visit in Poland has started in Warsaw from a conference summing up the project of building an epidemiological filter

at the center for foreigners in Biala Podlaska. During the stay in the capital, the guests from Switzerland have also visited the service point of foreigners at Taborowa Street (led by the OFF), where they also learngot knowledge about the main migration trends in Poland. The last point of the first day of the stay was a visit to the foreigners’ center at Targówek.

The second day of the visit began with a meeting at the border crossing in Terespol, where foreigners issue the most requests for international protection. Then the Swiss delegation went to Biala Podlaska to visit the reception center for foreigners and the newly built epidemiological filter building (built under the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program). On the last day of the visit, a meeting in the center for forigners in Łuków was organised.

During the entire study visit, a delegation from Switzerland had the opportunity to thoroughly comprehend the functioning of Polish refugee procedures. It was also important to present the social assistance system offered to foreigners looking for protection in Poland.

Employees of the Office for Foreigners held two similar visits in Switzerland in 2015 and 2016.