Positive decision

Each person who is dissatisfied with the decision received may appeal to the Refugee Board. The principles and the mode of appealing are specified in the instruction enclosed to the decision.

If a foreigner has been granted refugee status or subsidiary protection, this means that they have been granted the right of residence in Poland. As a rule, the above residence rights are without time limit. A time limit relates to the validity period of the documents issued.

A recognised refugee receives a residence card, which is valid for 3 years and a Geneva Travel Document valid for 2 years.

A person under subsidiary protection receives a residence card, which is valid for 2 years.

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The persons covered by protection in the form of refugee status or subsidiary protection have rights similar to those enjoyed by Polish citizens, and in many domains their rights are identical with the rights of Polish citizens (e.g. the right to work). For more information on the rights and obligations of the beneficiaries of international protection, including integration facilities, click the following link: