Types of assistance


Foreigners in the centre receive:

  • Accommodation;
  • Food;
  • Reimbursement of costs of transport in specific cases, i.e. cases connected with refugee status proceedings, medical examination and vaccination or other justified cases;
  • Constant financial aid for the purchase of personal hygiene products in the amount of PLN 20 a month and so-called pocket money in the amount of PLN 50 a month;
  • Provision of non-recurring financial aid for the purchase of clothes and shoes in the amount of PLN 140;
  • Provision of cash equivalent to food for children aged 6 and below and schooled children in the amount of PLN 9 a day.

Outside of the centre foreigners receive:

  • Benefit in cash covering the cost of stay on the territory of Poland.

This form of assistance may apply when it is required for organisational reasons or when it results from other provisions of the act.

No of family members         Amount per day/per person                Amount per month/per person

Single                                          25 PLN (around 6,25 EUR)                   750 PLN (around 187,5 EUR)
2 persons                                   20 PLN (around 5 EUR)                        600 PLN (around 150 EUR)
3 persons                                   15 PLN (around 3,75 EUR)                   450 PLN (around 112,5 EUR)
4 persons                                   12,50 PLN (around 3 EUR)                   375 PLN (around 93,75 EUR)

Moreover, irrespectively of the form of assistance, all foreigners have the right to:

  • Access to public schools and necessary didactic materials (books and school materials)
  • Free Polish lessons, access to classrooms in each facility;
  • Health care coordinated by the Petra Medica Sp. z. o. o. in Warsaw, pursuant to an agreement concluded with the Office for Foreigners, which covers:
    • Medical points in the centre – where doctor and nurses provide medical assistance.
    • Specialised treatment
    • Psychological care – psychologists can be accessed in centres for foreigners, also by people who receive benefits outside the facility.
  • Dental care – Foreigners may obtain dental treatment in dentist’s offices with which the Office for Foreigners has signed agreements on the provision of the above mentioned services.
  • Assistance with a voluntary return

Information about health care may be obtained from the employees of the Petra Medica Sp. z o.o. at 022 112 02 06.