The scope of assistance in the voluntary return

Regardless of the choice made, assistance in the voluntary return includes:

  • Individual counselling with regard to voluntary return;
  • Purchase of ticket for the trip;
  • Covering the fees associated with obtaining a travel document, necessary visas and permits;
  • Monetary assistance to provide food during the trip.
  • Provision of medical assistance during the trip in special situations.

In addition assistance in voluntary return organized by IOM includes:

  • Assistance in departure;
  • Assistance to a foreigner in transit, and
  • Provision of reintegration assistance in cash and in kind, if current assistance in the voluntary return is realized on the basis of projects co-financed from EU funds.

Additional assistance provided by IOM in the framework of European projects may also be granted on the basis of the foreigner’s business plan. The foreigner may use such assistance to e.g. start or operate a business. Additional, individual reintegration assistance is also offered to returning unaccompanied children, victims of human trafficking, and persons requiring medical treatment in the country of origin.


In case where foreigner waits for his/her voluntarily return the duration of the social assistance, and medical care is extended to the date on which he/she should leave Polish territory in the framework of assistance in voluntary return.

This is especially important for people who have received decisions on refusal to grant international protection. The right to retain social assistance, and medical care can be guaranteed by submitting a declaration in which the foreigner informs that he/she applied to IOM for assistance in the voluntary return. Declaration should be submitted within max. 30 days from the day on which the decision on whether to grant international protection becomes final