10 June 2016

Implementation of 9 projects in partnership with NGO’s is undergoing

The aim of the initiatives is, among others, the integration of foreigners, their language education, protecting children’s right and legal assistance. Projects are implemented in cooperation with the Office for Foreigners and is co-financed from funds of the Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration (FAMI). Implementation of projects started in 2015.

Ongoing projects:

– “Refugee.pl 5” in partnership with Refugee.pl Małgorzata Jasiczek-Gebert Foundation.

The aim of the project is to support the process of preintegration of foreigners applying for refugee status with the Polish society through actions addressed to foreign and Polish society.

– “Polski na dobry start” (Polish for a good start) – in cooperation with the Linguae Mundi Foundation.
The project foresees language and professional education, development of socio-cultural competencies that contribute to the actions of foreigners applying for international protection.

– “Daj im szansę (Give them a chance) – improvement of the access of legal advice in cooperation with the Halina Nieć Association Centre for Legal Assistance.
The aim of the project is to increase the chances of effective integration of foreigners applying for refugee status, through the presentation, both to those who are staying in the centers for foreigners and those who chose to stay outside the centres, free legal information and assistance in the procedure of granting refugee status.

– „Chronimy dzieci w ośrodkach dla uchodźców (“Protect children in the centers for foreigners”) – comprehensive system of children’s protection against violence and exploitation” in cooperation with the Nobody’s Children Foundation.
The project foresees the establishment of a comprehensive system of children’s protection against harm. The initiative is mentored by the Commissioner for the Children’s Rights.

– „Dostrzegam, pomagam“ (“I notice, I help”) – integration and development of activities and procedures of the Office for Foreigners and Border Guard in the field of comprehensive identification of special needs groups among persons seeking protection in Poland” in cooperation with the Różnosfera and the Border Guard Foundation.
The project foresees the development of a comprehensive and integrated system of identification of the special needs groups among foreigners seeking international protection in Poland.

– „Lotni prawnicy – pomoc i informacja prawna” (“Mobile lawyers – legal assistance and information”) in cooperation with the Refugee.pl Małgorzata Jasiczek-Gebert Foundation.
Within the project, persons who applied for the refugee status will be provided comprehensive legal assistance and information. Assistance will be provided in two centres for foreigners: in Linin and Dembak, as well as outside the centres – in places where foreigners are staying.

– „Razem dla integracji” (“Together for integration”) in cooperation with the Volunteer Centre Association in Lublin.
Project actions will enrich the existing offer for refugees and persons applying for international protection, among others, in the following areas: financial aid, information and preschool care in the centre for foreigners in Biala Podlaska.

– “Immigrants in Action –support and integration programme for foreigners in Poland) in cooperation with the Foundation for Somalia.
The main objective of the project is to provide specialized integration services for foreigners staying in Poland, including: learning of Polish language, legal advice, foreigners activation in the field of activities for immigrants society.

– “New Home Poland” („Nowy Dom Polska”) in cooperation with Caritas Poland.
The project foresees the provision of pre-integration support to foreigners applying for international protection in Poland, in particular, by: social assistance, psychological assistance, and equalization of education.

A detailed description of all the ongoing projects You can found under the bookmark PROJECTS.