25 October 2016

Migration Trends After The Third Quarter of The Year

Since the beginning of the year, foreigners have submitted 100,000 requests concerning of legalisation stay in Poland – 30% more than in the corresponding period of 2015. A vast majority of them concerned the consent of temporary residence permit for citizens of Ukraine. During the first three quarters of the year, foreigners also submitted in Poland about 10,5 thousand of applications for international protection.

Legalization of stay

Among the 100 thousand of applications for legalization of stay, 90%  were related to obtaining a temporary residence permit, 8% to permanent residence permit and 2% to residence permit for EU resident. On the temporary residence permit 69% of the requests were submitted by citizens of Ukraine (50% more than in the corresponding period of 2015), 4% by Chinese, 3% by Hindus and Vietnamese and equally 2 percent each by Belarusians and Russians. The citizens of Ukraine have also applied most often for the permanent residence or long-term resident of the EU.

Decisions on legalization of stay are issued by the voivoded. 86 percent of all the procedures concluded with a positive decision granting a residence permit. In case of 10% Matters were negative and 4% Procedures were discontinued.

The Office for Foreigners (as a second instance) received over 4.8 thousand of appeals, of which 74% concerned issues related to the legalization of temporary residence. Compared to the corresponding period in 2015, the number of appeals submitted by foreigners in the case of legalization of residence have doubled.

International protection

By the end of the third quarter of 2016, applications for international protection (refugee or subsidiary protection status) have exceeded 10 thousand. Most of the requests were submitted by citizens from third world countries: Russia – mainly Chechen (73% of the total), Ukraine (10% of the total) and Tajikistan (8% of the total). In comparisonto the corresponding period of 2015, there is an increase of 24% in the total number of applicants for international protection (sbout 2 thousand applications).

In 2016, Head of the Office for Foreigners issued over 10 thousand of decisions concerning international protection. The refugee status or subsidiary protection was granted to 217 persons (2% of the total), whereas 1.6 thousand of people (16% of the total) received a negative decision and 8.4 thousand of proceedings (82% of the total) were discontinued. The cases are redeemed when the foreigner was not interested in continuing the procedure in Poland and probably left the country (most often going to Western European countries).

The most numerous group of beneficiaries of all decisions granting protection (refugee status, subsidiary protection and tolerated stay) were citizens of the following countries: Russia (38% overall – mainly subsidiary protection), Syria (17% – mainly refugee status), Ukraine (15% – mainly subsidiary protection) and Iraq (8% – mainly subsidiary protection).