31 March 2017

Meeting Of The Representatives Of The Migration Services Of The V4 Group

The main issues discussed during the meeting focused on the current migration trends in particular countries and planned legal changes at a national and European levels. The meeting was attended by Rafal Rogala, Head of the Office for Foreigners.

The three-day proceeding of the representatives of the Visegrad Group’s authorities and migration services were organized in Budapest. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the current migration situation in Europe and exchange experiences on the implemented or planned changes in the refugee procedures of individual countries.

Participants of the meeting visited the Hungarian-Serb border crossing point in Röszke. The Hungarian side discussed its solutions for border security. The functioning of the transit zone in which foreigners apply for international protection and then are sent to residence centers, were also visited.

The Visegrad Group (V4) is a regional co-operation of four Central European countries – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It combines not only neighborhood and similar geopolitical conditions, but also common history, tradition, culture and values. Visegrad cooperation involves a wide range of entities: presidents, prime ministers, ministers, parliaments, governmental institutions, NGOs, academics, universities and cultural institutions.