5 December 2016

Meeting On The Eu Asylum System

A conference about the work of the European Parliament over the European Commission’s reform of asylum law was organized at the European Parliament’s office in Warsaw. The meeting was attended by Rafal Rogala, Head of the Office for Foreigners.

Proposals for changes in the EU asylum system were presented by Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikstro, EP rapporteur. The reform implies, among others, changes in the Dublin III Regulation, recast of the Eurodac Regulation and proposal for establishment of the European Union Asylum Agency. Details of the project can be found HERE.

In the conversations on the changes proposed by the European Parliament, the EC project was participated, among others, by Head of the Office for Foreigners and representatives of UNHCR, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and Caritas Poland.

Zdjęcia: Biuro Informacyjne Parlamentu Europejskiego w Polsce.