18 June 2021

Principles for direct customer service

Due to the continuing state of epidemic, we have introduced daily and hourly schedule of visits for providing your fingerprints, collect residence permits as well as the Geneva Convention travel documents. The counter no. 3 at 33 Taborowa St. will only accept individuals who had previously scheduled a visit.

Individuals who currently apply for issuing new documents will be informed of the date and time of their scheduled appointment for taking their fingerprints. The information will be provided in the summons submitted to the individual’s address as stated in the submitted application. The summons shall be presented upon entry to the office.

We kindly ask the remaining individuals who wish to collect the ready documents to reach us via e-mail (dpu.udsc@udsc.gov.pl) or via telephone (phone no. 22 60 174 07) in order to arrange the date. Only the individuals who appear for a booked visit will be permitted to enter the Office. It is not possible to remain at the reception hall for extended periods of time while waiting for the visit.

In addition, in the event of persons who display the following symptoms 14 days prior to their visit to the Office:

– shortness of breath, difficulty breathing,

– cough,

– muscle pains, symptoms of a cold,

– elevated temperature,

– direct contact with a person with suspected or proven coronavirus infection,

– contact with a quarantined person or if you remain under mandatory quarantine or had a confirmed coronavirus infection,

please reach us via telephone (tel. 22 60 174 07) or via e-mail (dpu.udsc@udsc.gov.pl). In such case, the meeting for collecting a document or fingerprints will be rescheduled to another date.

The Clients of the Office for Foreigners will be serviced under the following sanitary regime, as imposed by the current state of epidemic in Poland related to the SARS-CoV-2 infections:

  1. Each individual’s temperature will be measured prior to the entry to the building Individuals with elevated temperature (exceeding 38°C) will not be serviced.
  2. Each person must cover their mouth and nose with a mask, or, alternatively with a clothing item.
  3. Each person must wear gloves or disinfect their hands (including the gloves which the person had put on before entering the Office).
  4. Persons without their faces covered and without disinfected hands/gloves will be denied service.
  5. A maximum of 5 individuals are permitted to remain at the service area. The number of persons is monitored by security personnel.
  6. All persons shall adhere to the orders of the security personnel.

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