2 September 2016

Group V4: Meeting of The Heads of Migration Offices

The purpose of the conference was to explore possible opportunities in strenghtening cooperation between the Visegrad Group countries and exchanging experiences in the use of foreign funds on migration. The two-day meeting was attended by heads of migration offices of all V4 countries, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and the European Projects Service Center of the Ministry.

One of the main issues of discussion was the analysis of the possible opportunities of cooperation within the scope of implemented or planned migration projects. Participants in the meeting discussed areas such as: legal and social assistance, alternatives to detention, research missions and collaboration with local communities. The subject of asylum solutions in Europe and their development has also been discussed.

An important part of the conference was an exchange of experience in the field of implementation of migration projects financed from external sources. Representatives from all countries presented their most interesting initiatives. The effects of the projects and possibilities for joint use of available funds were discussed, as well.

Poland was the host of the meeting, organized in Jugowice.

The Visegrad Group (V4) is a regional co-operation of four Central European countries – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It combines not only neighborhood and similar geopolitical conditions, but also common history, tradition, culture and values. Visegrad cooperation involves a wide range of entities: presidents, prime ministers, ministers, parliaments, governmental institutions, NGOs, academics, universities and cultural institutions.