31 January 2017

Forum Europe – Ukraine Took Place in Rzeszow

The main subject of the tenth Forum was the issue of modernization and development of Ukraine’s potential and the direction and pace of the reforms. The meeting was held under the slogan “Opportunities that can not be lost”. The conference was attended by Rafal Rogala, Head of the Office for Foreigners.

During the two-day Forum organized in Rzeszow several dozen debates and plenary sessions took place. The discussions focused on the key issues of Ukraine’s economic potential, its energy security, relations with other countries, the influence of culture and historical memory on relations between people, development opportunities of regions and cooperation with partners from Poland and other European countries. Rafał Rogala, Head of the OFF was one of the participants in the debate. “Ukrainians in European countries, science, work, politics.”

The reforms conducted in Ukraine, the opportunities arising from the Association Agreement with the European Union, the conditions for the construction of modern territorial self-government and civil society were the subjects of reports and panel discussions. The issues of Ukraine’s security in European and Euro-Atlantic agreements were also discussed.

Around 800 participants from Ukraine, EU, Russia, neighboring countries and the USA participated the two-day Forum Europe-Ukraine. The meeting was attended by representatives of governments, political life, diplomacy, business, local governments, EU institutions, international organizations, analytical centers and expert circles.