22 September 2016

A Two-Day Visit to The Italian Catania

The purpose of the delegation visit of the Office for Foreigners was to get acquainted with the current migration situation and the functioning of crisis solutions in Sicily. Since the beginning of this year, the experts of the Office for Foreigners have conducted 9 support missions in Italy within the framework of the activities of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO).

Representatives of the OFF have an opportunity to learn about the procedures for the reception of migrants by Italian institutions and EASO activities carried the spot. These include, among others, information activity on the resettlement of foreigners to other member states of the European Union.

The Office for Foreigners representatives visited the European Union Regional Task Force (EURTF), which comprises all European organizations and Italian central agencies working in the field of migration in Italy. During the meeting, Frontex and the hot spot system were presented by the representative of the European Commission.

The Office for Foreigners actively supports Italy and Greece in relation to the massive influx of migrants to these countries. Experts of the Office for Foreigners conducted 9 support missions in Italy to work in Rome, Trapani, Milan and Catania.