This information does not constitute source of law. Authors were duly diligent to make this information consistent with applicable legal regulations. It is good to remember that it concerns typical and frequent cases and may not fully refer to different matters. The number and the type of documents which may be necessary for administrative bodies throughout the procedure may vary depending on the specific case. In the case of any doubts contact competent authority for examination the individual case and become familiar with legal regulations on their own.

Temporary residence permit – Education

Legal basis – Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners – Article 187 item 1 (a) of Act – along with executive acts

To whom and for how long may be granted

Foreigners who reside on the territory of Poland for educational purposes, provided that this purpose justifies the residence on the territory of the Republic of Poland for a longer period than 3 months.

This permit may be granted to foreigners who study in different form than full-time studies, full-time doctoral studies or preparatory course for studies in the Polish language.

Temporary residence permit for educational purpose may be granted for the period over 3 months and no longer than 1 year with the possibility to apply for subsequent permits.

Where and when submit the application

The foreigner makes the application personally, no later than on the last day of the lawful residence on the territory of the Republic of Poland to the voivode competent with regard to the foreigner’s place of residence.

During making the application the foreigner is under obligation to give his/her fingerprints.

In the case of the foreigner who is a minor, application for temporary residence permit is made by parents or appointed court guardians or one of parents or one of the appointed court guardians.

During making the application for temporary residence permit in the case of the foreigner who is a minor, and is under the age of 6, his/her presence is not required.

Fees related to residence permit:

Stamp duty PLN 340
Fee for residence card PLN 50

Note: Foreigners, the purpose of whose stay is education at a high school and university are entitled to a reduction in the fee for issuing a residence card in the amount of PLN 25.

Necessary documents:

  1. Completed form of the application for temporary residence permit, in accordance with information;
  2. 4 up-to-date photographs;
  3. Photocopy of a valid travel document (original available for inspection), in particularly justified case if the foreigner does not have a valid travel document and it is not possible to obtain such document, may present another document which confirms his/her identity.

Note: Lack of any of the aforementioned documents will result in margin call within 7 days from its delivery, under pain of leaving the application without examination.

Standard documents necessary for examination of the application:

Note: Documents listed below attached to the application may reduce the quantity of official correspondence and shorten the time which is necessary to handle the case.

  1. The document which confirms undertaking or continuing education;
  2. Documents which certify health insurance as defined by Act of 27 August 2004 on health care services financed from the public funds or confirmation of insurer’s coverage of medical treatment costs on the territory of the Republic of Poland;
  3. Sufficient funds to cover costs of education, subsistence and return;
  4. The document which confirms place of residence (e.g. residence certificate, rent contract, other contract which enables the residential premises, or application of the authorized person to ensure the foreigner the place of residence).

Note: In the case of explanations or particularization of evidences during the administrative proceedings the foreigner may be called to deliver other documents or to submit testimonies which confirm circumstances referred to in the application.

Residential status following the application

If the application for temporary residence permit was made during the foreigner’s lawful residence and this application did not contain formal defects or these defects were supplemented within the time limit, the voivode stamps the travel document which confirms registration of the application. Residence of the foreigner is deemed to be legal from the date of submission the application until the date when the decision on temporary residence permit becomes final.

Note: Stamp in the travel document does not entitle the foreigner to travel through territories of other countries of Schengen area, while the foreigner may travel to the country of origin, however, in order to return to Poland he/she must obtain a visa, if he/she comes from the country which is subject to the visa obligation.

Time to handle the case

The residence permit decision takes place no earlier than after 1 month prior to initiation of the procedure.

The document issued after granting this permit

The foreigner who obtains temporary residence permit on the territory of Poland will be issued with the residence card. This document is issued ex officio by the voivode who granted the residence permit.

Residence card in the period of its validity confirms the foreigner’s identity during his/her residence on the territory of the Republic of Poland and entitles him/her, along with the travel document, to multiple crossing of the border without the need to obtain the visa.

This document should be collected personally. In the case when the residence card was issued to the foreigner aged less than 13 this card is issued to his/her statutory representative or guardian.

Information obligations related to the residence permit

The foreigner who gets temporary residence permit, has an obligation to notify the voivode who granted this residence permit within 15 working days, on cessation of the reason for granting this permit. If the permit was granted by the Head of the Office for Foreigners in the second instance, the notification is addressed to the voivode, who ruled on the granting of this permit in the first instance. Failure to fulfil this obligation may result in refusal to grant another temporary residence permit, if the application for another temporary residence permit was made before the end of the year from the end of the validity period of the previous permit or from the date on which the decision to withdraw the temporary residence permit has become final.

Entitlement to work

This permit does not grant to the foreigner the right of access to Polish labour market. The employment is possible on general terms, provided that the foreigner have the worker permit, unless it is not required.

Obligation to leave Poland after refusal or withdrawal of the permit

The foreigner is obliged to leave the territory of the Republic of Poland within 30 days from the day when the decision on refusal to grant the temporary residence permit or the decision to withdraw the permit became final and in the case the decision was issued by a superior body, from the day when the final decision was delivered to the foreigner, unless he/she is authorized to reside on the territory of Poland on a different basis.