We are now in a state of an epidemic, and my temporary residence permit will expire soon. I wish to remain in Poland, but I heard that voivodeship offices currently do not provide services and thus it is not possible to lodge an application. What can I do in this situation?

Due to the introduction of an epidemic emergency and a state of an epidemic on March 16th, 2020, the offices have suspended direct provision of services to the clients. Currently, we are unable to provide information when the voivodeship offices are going to resume providing services to clients. Please follow the information provided on the website of the Office for Foreigners as well as those provided on the websites of individual voivodeship offices.

Please reach the voivodeship office valid for your place of residence directly in the event of a situation which requires you to immediately lodge an application for temporary residence permit. The application for the temporary residence permit may also be sent to the voivodeship office via the Polish Post Office by registered mail with confirmation of receipt. The addresses of voivodeship offices along with other contact information are provided on our website HERE.