My student visa expires. I wish to avoid having to return for a visa due to the issues at the border. Can I extend my visa without leaving Poland?

If you hold a national visa issued by a consul of the Republic of Poland for the purpose of enrolling as a student, for instance, and the last day of valid stay on the basis of the visa (i.e. the final day of the period of stay during the validity of the visa) falls during the state of an epidemic emergency or an epidemic (i.e. beginning on 14th March 2020), the period of stay defined in the national visa, and consequently the period of validity of the visa, shall be extended by law – until the 30th day following the day on which the last of the states was lifted (i.e. the state of an epidemic emergency or an epidemic).

The extension is automatic – it does not require you to extend the visa based on Article 82 of the Act on Foreigners or any other actions.

Extension by law also means that no administrative decision will be issued for that reason, and we will not going to confirm that the validity of the visa or the stay have been extended in any other manner (e.g. by stamping, by placing a note in the passport of by issuing a relevant certificate).

The extension will not require any official sticker in your travel document. Please be reminded, that the provisions of the Special Act explicitly exclude such possibility.