My residence card is expiring now. I am afraid of coronavirus infection. Can I extend the card without having to leave home?

If the validity of your residence card expires during an epidemic emergency or a state of an epidemic (i.e. on 14th March of 2020 and the days that follow), it shall be extended by law, i.e. automatically and without requiring you to take any action, until the 30th day following the day on lifting the last state in force.

All residence cards which are issued under these regulations shall be extended. They include the documents issued in connection with:

  • granting a temporary residence permit,
  • granting a permanent residence permit,
  • granting a residence permit for EU long-term resident,
  • granting a residence permit for humanitarian reasons,
  • granting refugee status,
  • granting subsidiary protection.

Please remember that specific provisions exclude the possibility of issuing a new document or replacing an existing one with the issue of a new document or its replacement.

During the period of renewal of your residence card, you are going to be able to continue using your existing document as usual, it will remain valid despite the fact that the validity period indicated in the document has expired.