My fiancé entered Poland just before the crisis based on a Schengen Visa issued by a consul of the Republic of Poland. The flights have been cancelled and it is temporarily impossibly to return to the country and his visa is about to expire. What should he do to avoid the consequences of an illegal stay?

The special act provides for a special solutions for foreigners who have arrived in Poland based on, for instance, Schengen Visas issued by the Consuls of the Republic of Poland and who cannot leave the Polish territory due to the crisis.

If they were staying in Poland on the basis of such visa on March 14th, their stay shall be considered legal from the day following the day on which their legal stay on the basis of the visa has expired until the 30th day following the day on which the state of an epidemic emergency or an epidemic have been lifted, whichever will be the last.

Please not that this is a national, specific legal arrangement and it does not mean an extension of the Schengen visa. Utilising that base of stay after the lapse of the period of stay based on the visa does not require any additional formalities – submitting any applications, obtaining permits or documents. Each foreigner is covered by the solution by law.

Please remember that the exercise of the right depends on remaining on Polish territory. Leaving Poland will therefore mean that a foreigner will not be able to exercise the right as a basis for re-entering the territory of the Republic of Poland.