I meet the requirements for granting a residence permit for a long-term resident and I wish to apply for the permit, but it is now not possible to submit an application in person due to the fact that the voivode has cancelled customer services due to the epidemic. My temporary residence permit is about to expire Should I leave Poland for a visa and wait until customer assistance resumes?

You are not required to leave and apply for a visa. The provisions of the Special Act ensure continuity of stay in Poland in such circumstances, as they provide for the extension of the validity of the temporary residence permit, the residence card and the time limit for submitting an application for a residence permit.

If the last day of the validity of the temporary residence falls within the period of an epidemic emergency or a an epidemic (i.e. beginning on March 14th, 2020), by law the validity of the temporary residence permit shall be extended until the 30th day following the date on which the state was lifted.

The validity of the residence card issued in connection with this permit is also extended for the same period and under the same conditions. The card does not have to be replace due to the changed validity period.

Please not that under the Special Act, the time limits for applying for residence permits, including temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits and residence permit for EU long-term residents are extended. These applications shall be submitted at the latest on the last day of legal residence under an applicable document (e.g. A temporary residence permit or a visa).

Due to the limited customer service, special arrangements have been introduced whereby the deadlines for the submission of these applications falling within the period of an epidemic or emergency have been extended by law. These applications may be submitted until the 30th day following the date of lifting of the last imposed state.

Exercising these solutions does not require to complete any formalities. Each foreigner is covered by the solutions by the law and the time limits are automatically extended.