I have received a return decision. The deadline for return set out in this decision will expire soon, but due to transport difficulties, I have no way of returning to my country. Is it possible to extend my deadline?

A special law provides for the extension of the deadlines for voluntary return, the end of which would fall within the period of an epidemic/emergency.

The time limit shall then be extended to 30 days following the date of cancellation of the state of an epidemic emergency/epidemic.  The extension of this period shall be automatic by law. No additional formalities are required to be met by the foreigner.

The extension of the deadline for fulfilling the obligation to leave the territory of Poland resulting from the decision on obliging the foreigner to return is not based on any decision or consent of any authority, and the foreigner does not have to apply for an extension of the time limit for voluntary return in accordance with Article 316 of the Act on Foreigners.