I have just received a voivode’s negative decision on granting a temporary residence permit. I do not want to exercise my right of appeal, because I do in fact agree with the voivode’s decision. Moreover, I wish to return to my country. However, because most flights have been suspended, it is not possible for me to leave the country within 30 days. Please advise what should I do to extend that period a little more. Is it possible?

The time limit provided for leaving the territory of Poland in relation to a negative decision for granting a residence permit shall be extended by law, i.e. automatically, if the end of that period shall fall within the period of an epidemic emergency or an epidemic (i.e. beginning on 14th March of 2020).

Please note that the time limit starts running, i.e. it is being counted only after the day on which the decision becomes final. A voivode’s decision becomes final if you do not appeal against it within 14 days after it is issued.

In the event that the state of an epidemic emergency or an epidemic shall continue after 30 days following the period on which the decision has become final, by law you will be allow to remain in Poland until the last of these states is lifted (i.e. the state of an epidemic emergency or an epidemic, depending on which will be lifted last) and later up to 30 days. You should however leave the Polish territory during that time.