Before the outbreak of the epidemic I had worked in Poland based on a temporary residence and work permit. The permit will soon expire. I heard that the temporary residence permits that expire during a state of an emergency or an epidemic will be extended. Can I work as usual during the extension period, or do I need to obtain another permission or a permit?

If the last day of the validity of the temporary residence and work permit falls within the period of an epidemic emergency or a an epidemic (i.e. beginning on March 14th, 2020), by law the validity of the temporary residence permit shall be extended until the 30th day following the date on which the state was lifted.

The validity period of the permit is automatically renewed – that means that you do not have to complete any formalities with regards to the extension. No administrative decision will be issued for that reason, and we will not going to confirm that the validity has been extended in any other manner (e.g. by stamping, by placing a note in the passport of by issuing a relevant certificate).

During the period of extension of your temporary residence and work permit, you may legally continue to work under the same conditions as before. You do not need any other permit, or a consent issued by an administrative body.