Before the epidemic I had lodged an application for temporary residence and work permit and have been working based on a declaration of assignment, however I lost that job recently. I have found a new employer who is ready to hire me. What should I do in this situation? Can I continue to work while waiting for the voivode’s decision?

If you have legally lodged an application for a temporary stay, you can legally stay on the territory of Poland until the conclusion of the administrative proceedings in the case. However, in the case of working on territory of Poland on the basis of a declaration of assignment, the possibility to continue legal work during the procedure of granting residence permits shall only apply in the case of applying for a temporary residence permit and work permit due to the continuation of employment for the same employer and on the same position. However, if you have applied for a temporary residence and work permit due to the fact of working for another employer, it is not possible to continue working during the legalisation procedure unless you obtain a work permit.