Will it continue to be possible to Import & Register “RHD” Right Hand Drive (aka UK) cars from 2021 on?

Introduction of a possibility to register vehicles with the right-hand drive in Poland, including vehicles imported from Great Britain, was dictated by a necessity to implement the verdict of the European Court of Justice (EU) regarding the case C-639/11 regarding the approval of the right-hand drive vehicles.

The intention of the Minister of Transport was the regulation of this issue pursuant to the EU verdicts regarding this case, subject to the necessary requirements of the traffic safety and based on the solutions provided by in this scope in other EU member states.

Currently the Department of Road Transport at the Ministry of Infrastructure is not planning to introduce any changes in law with a view to definition of new technical requirements for the right-hand -drive vehicles beyond those which had been specified in § 9 sections 2 and 2a of the regulation of the Ministry of Infrastructure of 31 December 2002 regarding technical conditions of vehicles and a scope of the necessary equipment options  (Dz. U. – Journal of Laws – of 2016 – item 2022 as amended).