11 March 2020

Changes in the work of the office

Due to the need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, the Office For Foreigners cancels reviews of administrative files and shortens the work of the foreigners service point.

All reviews of administrative files scheduled for 12–31 March 2020 are cancelled. Each of the persons concerned by this information will be notified by e-mail about the new date of file review.

Until the end of March, the foreigners service point at ul. Taborowa 33 will be open from 10:00 to 14:00. We also ask you to limit personal visits that are not absolutely necessary and we encourage you to contact us by phone. Next appointment at doctor’s office at Taborowa 33 is possible only after prior telephone contact to schedule appointment at: 22 60 175 43.

Foreigners with refugee status or subsidiary protection who apply for the issue or replacement of a Residence Card or Geneva Travel Document are requested to visit the office in person only if they have a written request. This document confirms acceptance of the application and informs about the date of submission of fingerprints.

All group activities in centres for foreigners have been cancelled and residents are advised to avoid large human gatherings. An appointment at doctor’s office working at all centres foreigners is possible only after prior telephone contact. An information and educational meeting related to methods of preventing coronavirus infection was organized for employees of the centres.

In addition, hand disinfectants (for employees and clients) were made available at the office and centres for foreigners and the most important information on preventing the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus was provided.

The employees of the offices have been informed about the possibilities of using the childcare allowance for taking care of a child under 8 years of age and performing remote work.

We also remind you about the possibility to contact the office in writing, via e-mail and by phone.