20 October 2016

Surveys Of Attitudes Towards Foreigners in Poland

The percentage of Poles declaring contact with foreigners has increased up to 28% over the past year; the most often with Ukrainians and Germans, while Western Europeans, Americans, and Ukrainians are considered culturally closest to them – these are certain of the conclusions of the report. The second edition of the study on attitudes towards foreigners in Poland was commissioned by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The research was conducted in September this year by using an individualized computer-aided questionnaire method. Respondents were a representative group randomly selected according to the demographic profile.

The study was complemeted within the project „Increasing the effectiveness of migration management in Poland”, which is co-financed by Switzerland under the Swiss cooperation programme with the new member states of the European Union.

The report can be found HERE.


The results of the study were presented during a press conference.